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Investor Evolution in Commercial Litigation Finance

June 10, 2020

Excerpt about Legis Founder, Tim Scrantom

In the UK, litigation finance took a non-conventional path.  First to ‘go public’ was Juridica through a closed-end fund structure.  In speaking with Tim Scrantom, a founder of Juridica and a pioneer in the litigation finance industry, the public vehicle structure was a condition of raising capital from wealth management firms, specifically Neil Woodsford’s Invesco Perpetual fund which could not invest in private structures at the time, but loved the idea behind the litigation finance industry.  With Neil, who was described as the ‘Warren Buffet of the UK’ at the time, the rest of the market followed to the point where Juridica was able to raise a significant amount of capital in a very short period of time, all with the condition that the vehicle be publicly listed to ensure investor liquidity.

The article is part of an ongoing column titled ‘Investor Insights’ by Ed Truant, founder and content manager of Slingshot Capital. 

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the Future of Litigation Finance podcast

The Future of Litigation Finance with Tim Scrantom

June 3, 2020

Hosted by Richard Levick

Tim Scrantom, a pioneer in litigation finance, provides an in depth look at the history and the future of litigation finance.

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