Why Legis?

Law firms and their clients are looking for innovative solutions to the challenges they face in selecting and funding the disputes  they will pursue. Legis’ dynamic approach to funding and risk mitigation can help firms turn challenges into opportunities for both lawyers and their clients. Our expert team and risk-callibration solutions give law firms the tools they need to drive growth.

Clients are demanding that law firms provide innovative pricing structures and share risk.

Legis provides a competitive advantage for law firms to shape a client engagement to the specific risk-tolerances and financing needs of each party, particularly through the use of contingent fee structures.

Law firms want to share in the outsized recoveries reported by litigation funders but are not able to accept the financial risk of multi-year litigation on a contingent fee basis.

By using a combination of risk mitigation tools (insurance) and funding, Legis can give firms the ability to pursue contingent fee engagements while protecting their downside and meeting their working capital requirements.

Law firm financial models are not suited to creating long term equity and asset pools that can be used to compensate partners and attract and retain new talent.

Legis can help firms build and manage a portfolio of investments in contingent fee cases that can supplement traditional revenue models based on hourly fees and provide an equity-like component to a firm’s balance sheet.

The traditional litigation funding provided by most funders is only one option and might not be the best choice for a firm and its client.

Legis’ team of legal, finance and structuring experts can deploy our funding and insurance tools to craft bespoke solutions that better fit the needs of our clients.

Sourcing and negotiating funding for their clients to pursue cases can create potential ethics conflicts and competency dangers for law firms.

Legis allows law firms to access and compare financial solutions, even from other providers where Legis acts on an intermediary basis, to find the best solution for the firm and their client.

Our Vision


The Legis vision was forged through years of involvement at the highest levels of alternative litigation finance (ALF). Legis was founded by pioneers and leaders in the ALF and alternative investment fields. Collectively, the entrepreneurs who have founded Legis in the US and UK have over 70 years’ experience in the finance and business of law.


Legis employs a suite of financial and risk management products and services to help law firms create real equity value, increase revenues, raise capital and grow and retain their client base. We are the first providers of this toolkit approach in the litigation finance space. By focusing on creating value for law firms and using a toolkit approach to crafting the best solutions for bespoke needs, Legis is changing the litigation finance market for good.


Our goal is not simply to invest in claims or law firms; we want to change the way the industry operates.  We are building a market focused on law firms where investment choices, options and transparency are the order of the day. Legis gives law firms the opportunity to capture risk-adjusted returns instead of handing those rewards to litigation funders. With Legis, law firms can leverage their contingent fee engagements into increased profits while at the same time addressing client concerns about fee structures and risk-sharing.


The Legis approach is based on partnerships. We partner with law firms and their clients to make and manage investments in commercial claims in litigation or arbitration globally. We have partnered with some of the largest insurance companies in the world to increase the tools available to our clients to mitigate and spread the risks of their contingent fee exposures. Our multi-disciplinary panel of Senior Advisors represents our partnership with some of the leading experts in law, finance and consulting which allows us to bring a wealth of expertise to bear on the challenges law firms face. By aligning our interests with those of our partners, we are driving successful outcomes for all stakeholders.

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