Responsible civil litigation can be a provocative social change-agent.  Litigation investments can serve as a core part of a non-profit’s mission or as a focused avenue for impact-investing.  Investment in litigation provides a unique opportunity for non-profits to earn both social and financial returns–a “double bottom-line” success. The financial returns can amplify and extend the non-profit’s mission and reach.

Because of their deep involvement and expertise in the ALF markets, Legis team members have been able to foster for non-profits a new way of thinking about litigation investment—as a means to invest money in a way that advances the entity’s core missions and goals while earning a profit.

We have advised some of the world’s most prominent non-profits and foundations on investing in litigation to advance their public causes and have structured and closed investments (and invested alongside them) in large complex litigations. We approach these investments with the same tools and reasoning we apply for our for-profit clients in commercial claim investing, enabling the charity, foundation, or non-profit to make a return while advancing its cause.

Our work for non-profits is typically on a reduced-fee basis.  We welcome opportunities to work with leading charities to understand how litigation finance can fit with their mission.

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