Financing Asset Recovery Attempts: Third-Party Litigation Funding, Success Fees

Many millions of dollars can be spent on investigations and contentious litigation in the multiple fora presented by a serious fraud or corruption case. The price of Justice does not come cheaply. Bankruptcy courts and creditors often are not willing or able to fund these high costs. What are the alternatives available to allow victim stakeholders and their representatives to gain access to Justice?

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2012 Cayman Alternative Investment Summit

As co-founder of BlackRobe Capital Partners, LLC in 2011 and his responsibility for the financial structuring of firm’s investments in commercial claim litigation and arbitration claims Scrantom was invited to speak at the 2012 Cayman Alternative Investment Summit along with many other notable speakers like George W. Bush and Sir Richard Branson.

2010 Perrin Conference

Timothy Scrantom, President of Juridica Capital Management, discusses developments and issues in Investments in Commercial Litigation at the 2010 Perrin Conference.

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