Over the past decade, the Legis team has sourced, structured, closed and/or managed the investment of over $500 million in large commercial claims around the world.  These claims range from state investor arbitrations before the World Bank-sponsored ICSID, to state court class actions, to the world’s largest antitrust price-fixing and patent infringement cases.  These claims collectively have sought tens of billions of dollars in damages in scores of separate cases.  Our successful track record speaks for itself.

We understand litigation finance. During his tenure working with the RAND Corporation to develop new perspectives on capital and law markets, Tim Scrantom coined the phrase “alternative litigation finance” to describe the emerging phenomenon where persons other than lawyers could finance litigation. The term was later adopted by the American Bar Association and leading academics.

The Legis team developed the original underwriting systems and standards in the ALF markets.  We are prepared to share this vast knowledge with our clients. But to us, this basic form of commercial claim investing–providing cash capital to fund legal fees and costs–is straightforward. Legis’ more innovative approaches to ALF are not.

The experience of the Legis team in claim investing is unparalleled. Now, we are bringing this experience and expertise to law firms themselves, helping them grow their own portfolios of commercial claim investments and effectively compete with ALF suppliers. After all, lawyers were the traditional litigation funders when Tim Scrantom coined the term “alternative litigation finance.”

In traditional merchant banking style, Legis invests in large commercial claims that it underwrites. It also arranges investments in claims, strategically partnering with select capital sources around the globe.

We can arrange investments in cases, or simply out-of-pocket costs for cases, where the need arises. We typically invest our own capital alongside that of our investor group for cases we underwrite.

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