Advisory Services

No financial adviser shares Legis’ deep experience in alternative litigation finance and commercial claim investment risk-mitigation options. We have over 70 years’ combined experience in the industry. We have advised law firms around the globe on underwriting systems for contingent fee investments and have represented leading law firms in numerous transactions, including providing claim valuations for a variety of purposes.

Advice to law firms in the ALF sector can be complex. It often involves expertise in litigation doctrines like work product and privilege; professional ethics rules; and finance and litigation strategy. Legis’ team has the tools and resources to expertly help our clients navigate these various disciplines.

Where appropriate, Legis can provide chief investment officer (CIO) functions to law firms to assist in managing and growing their commercial litigation investment portfolios. As an “outsourced CIO”, we can assist the firm in managing the cash flows and liquidity of their risk-based portfolio through monetizing portions of the portfolio to meet changing firms’ needs.

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