About Us

Pioneering.  The Legis vision was forged through years of involvement at the highest levels of alternative litigation finance (ALF). Legis was founded by pioneers and leaders in the ALF and alternative investment fields. Collectively, the entrepreneurs who have founded Legis in the US and UK have over 70 years’ experience in the finance and business of law.

Inventive.  It takes market experts to identify and execute the Legis strategy, which is likely to disrupt current ALF markets.  Our goal is not to simply invest in claims or law firms; we want to change the way the industry operates.  We will build a buyers’ market where investment choices, options and transparency are the order of the day. Legis provides independent advice on ALF structuring and investments as well as insurance solutions to litigation-risk problems. We validate claim investments that we underwrite by co-investing in them or providing premium finance for insurance products. But, like traditional merchant banks, we can also offer intermediary services to our clients.  Through our partners we also provide access to proprietary insurance products.

Unique.  Legis is unique in the ALF market not only in approach and business model, but in composition. Unlike most ALF suppliers that are managed by litigators-turned-fund managers, we offer a new breed of professional and a new professional discipline, one that blends the skills and analytical tools of law, finance and investment banking. We have advised many of the largest law firms, asset managers, and foundations in the world, but our focus is on commercial claims prosecuted by leading law firms and select clients of those firms.  We are the first, and for now the only, providers of this toolkit approach in the litigation finance space.

Partnership.  Legis is a partnership of expert lawyers, investment bankers, and analysts focused exclusively on designing and arranging creative financing structures that optimize claim investment profits through calibrated exposure to commercial litigation risk opportunities. We partner with law firms and their clients to make and manage investments in commercial claims in litigation or arbitration around the world. We also help them optimize returns on investments through investment-risk mitigation, whether through innovative structuring, insurance, or derivatives. We invest alongside our clients and in some instances we will co-invest with a long list of capital partners who rely on Legis for quality exposure to the ALF markets.

Our focus is global: large commercial claims and disputes in litigation or arbitration in Commonwealth and common law jurisdictions around the world.

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